UM Historic Garden Maps/Student’s work

22 UM Student Maps of historic sites or gardens produced in studio and research courses taught between 1992 and 2005 under my direction. Additional coursework and resultant maps were also produced by my collegue Joanna Lombard and although not listed here, are included in our co-authored book Florida’s Historic Landscapes.

The attributions are made from review of the original drawings and in some cases from memory. If scale is not listed it was not indicated on the map (you cannot catch everything). The number of students who have participated in this documentation effort exceeds 125, thier names are listed below. Any omission on my part is entirely unintentional and is due to my faulty memory or lack of sufficient documentation and in no way should undercut the tremendous effort and skill used to produce these remarkable hand drawn edifices. The drawings are not only wonderful artifacts of the student’s efforts to record these sites, but are also artifacts of the memories of the students themselves. I am eternally grateful for their work and scholarship. Without these drawings so much of what is out there would not be known, let alone preserved. The maps shown on this website are a selection of those produced below.

Silver Palm Drive, Redland, FL, 1992, Alisa Block, Miriam Tropp, Marcelino Marrero, Jason Nicholas, Nancy Hills, Felix Lorenzo, Shirley Franco, Simon Chin, Mohamed Abd Razak, Markus Ketnath, Stuart Baur, Alberto Rodriguez, colored pencil on bond,

Edison House, Ft.Myers, FL, 1993, Valery Augustin, Chris Ritter, ink on mylar, 73” H x 22” W.

Mountain Lake Sanctuary, Lake Wales, FL, 1993, Ruth Durant, Patrick Szutar, ink on mylar, 31”H x 60” W, scale 1”=40’.

Bonnet House, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, 1993, Janice Shellhase, Natasha Winnick, ink on mylar, 55” H x 36” W, scale: 1”= 50’.

Koreshan Unity Settlement, Estero FL, 1993, Adib Cure, Chris Goertz, ink on mylar, 36”H x 48 1⁄2”W, scale: 1” = 20’.

Everglades City, Everglades FL, 1996, Vivian Alvarez, Sonia Baltodano, Yvonne Bianchini, Carlos Chiu, Hao Shan, David Swetland, Frank Wenzel, Gary Wunderlich, ink on mylar, 36” x 73 1⁄2”, scale 1” = 200’.

Ravine Gardens, Palatka, FL, 1997, Margot Ammidown, Dale Diener, Joannie Juarbe, John Litten, Dimitra Papadia, Robert Price, Daphne Peggs, Alex Plasencia, Galina Sanchez-Rosell, Marcelo Villabona, Eladio Walker, ink on mylar, 34 3⁄4” x 87 1⁄2”.

Indian Key, FL, 2000, Wynn Bradley, Anne Finch, Gina Giacobelli, Kevin Kunak, Jess Linn, Johanna Lukaukis, Natalia Miyar, D’Ann Tollett, Luis Torres, ink on mylar, 42”H x 71” W, scale: 1” x=40’.

Miami River, Miami, FL, 2001, Scott Baker, Justin Ford, John Hess, Graham Ivory, Georgy John, Essi Liutala, Marjory Mejia, Christina Miller, Anna Parekh, Pedro Quintanilla, Leila Rouady, Janet Rumble, Fernanda Sotelo, Jose Venegas, William Waters, Kara Wood, David Woshinsky, 36”H x 114” W.