Marjory Stoneman Douglas House & Garden

Commissioned by the Land Trust of Dade County this project was to document the house and grounds of the most important living author and conservationist of the Florida Everglades – Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Built between 1924 and the fall of 1926 and continuously occupied since it was built by its owner, the one story stucco over wood frame house is a narrative of economy and style. Eclectic in design having elements which are Tudor Revival and medieval revival it represents a popular Midwest building style from the turn of the century. Marjory, who was alive and living in the house when we documented it, was proud of the fact that it was designed by a well-known architect of factories – George Hyde. After the first contractor defaulted, the second contractor Willard Hubbell, son of Henry Salem Hubbell, finished the job. The building is noteworthy for its hip-roof; half-timbering, post hurricane floors and cast bronze hardware. The later western bedroom addition was made for Marion Manley, Miami’s first women architect, who lived with Marjory for a period of time. Also notable is the sunken garden at the south end of the site a possible reference to the ‘dell’ feature of Marjory’s alma mater Wellesley College.

HABS Documenters: Rocco Ceo, Gregory Saldana
Location: Coconut Grove, FL