Rome Drawings

These selected drawings were made as both demonstration drawings and in some case weekend drawings while teaching in Rome over the past 20+ years. The drawings often show my interest in the figure and architecture. In Rome and traveling throughout Italy one sees the mixing of architecture and the figure both literally and metaphorically. Stonemasons, sculptors, painters, and architects, are cut from the same cloth and could not help animating stone and immortalizing their feelings. Future generations can only begin to imagine the time, and the commitment of soul it took, to make these monuments. Making these drawings brings me closer to this reality and allows me to take home my fleeting impressions. The gesture of drawing is training in muscle and hand and eye coordination. This is the foundation for working at full scale. Constructing three dimensional densities in the drawings makes me feel that the drawing has some value beyond the mere record of a site or subject. While it is helpful to add dimensions and list other attributes not readily conveyed in the drawing – I am looking for another reality that has to do with an original intent that may have generated the work.