Demonstration Drawings

I would rather show you than explain it. For this reason one is apt to produce a lot of drawings to ‘explain’ an idea, concept, or show line quality or composition. Demonstration drawings are the best ways to communicate how to draw. In the same way one learns to blow glass by watching others do it or watching a skill craftsman make anything, the craft of drawing is best shown – not talked about. To this end I have made a lot of drawings mostly unfinished and sometimes carelessly placed on the page but all in the service of getting better work out of my students. I also feel more confident in asking a student to do something I have struggled with myself – I have felt their pain. This is good practice for all those teaching drawing – you have to have done what you are asking someone else to do. The drawings in this section are just a few produced over the years. Most are done very fast in a variety of media, some over a couple of sittings on the same day. I do believe there is such thing as talent but there is also sensitivity – and that is something that can be taught.