Naturalist Table

Inspired by David Fairchild’s long camera for photographing insects, the table that follows is a piece of furniture that derives its form from its program for field use in a tropical environment. The design explores the unique problem of botanical drawing and seed collection on site, employing a number of adjustments, compartments, and accessories for working in unusual site conditions. The table adjusts both in height and top angle and can be used sitting, standing or without the legs as a laptop desk. The table can be adjusted for different angles of working b a stainless steel bar on the inside of the box and when not in use fits into an oiled canvas backpack for easy transport. In order that the top surface be free of instruments an ink will is designed to be attached to either the right or left had side of the table and rotates in a gimbal when the top is adjusted. Pencil and pen drawers are access from the sides and may be left open while in use. The 1⁄2” high paper drawer is access from the opposite side and is sandwiched between layers of alder and maple veneers. The inner compartment of the table top contains a divided and removable stainless steel tray for seed storage and flat are for cuttings and leaf collection. The ground spikes are removable for transportation and varying soil conditions. Finally the legs detach from the top and fold to a 1” thickness. Larger than the top they are strapped to the outside of the backpack for transportation. When the pack is taken off, the frame elevates the backpack off the ground.

Fabricators: Cecil Yother, San Francisco, CA
Wood: Ian Nies, San Francisco, CA
Glass: Elizabeth Roso, San Francisco, CA

Designer: Rocco Ceo
Fabrication Manager: Gregory Saldana, San Francisco, CA
Detail Development: Rocco Ceo, Gregory Saldana
Baobab Seed: Crafton Clift, Kampong, Coconut Grove, FL