Horgan Pool & Landscape

Early pools in South Florida were frequently built half in the ground and half out of the ground. This technique was a response to the prevalence of oolitic rock that lay just below the thin to non-existent topsoil. Rather than haul the excavated rock from the site one used it to build the above ground portion of the pool. This early precedent was an ideal choice for building an accessible pool for the founder of Shake-A-Leg a local sailing program for children with physical challenges.

The 45’ long elliptical shape of the pool references sailboats while the stonework references the movement of water. The pool has a blue/green dyed marcite to make the color of the water more natural and green Venetian glass tiles at the water line. The design employs both cut coral rock for the deck, outside walls of the pool and coping. On the site and in the grotto at the south end of the pool, we built with the site excavated oolitic rock. At night, the pool looks like a long blue line and given its elliptical form appears both centered and directional depending on your point of view.

The garden is a mixture of native screening plants and groundcover with specimen fruit trees such as citrus and coconut to give the whole a tropical feel. When the wind blows the aroma of citrus flowers and the sound of the swaying palms with the long pool makes the visitor feel like they are on vacation. That is until Harry and Susie’s dog shows up to take a swim.

Designers: Rocco Ceo, Maria Nardi, Margot Ammidown
Location: South Miami, FL