Graham Monument

This project is for living clients who wished to have their tomb designed and built while they were living so as to not burden family with the task. A commonplace project in other centuries, today it is often undertaken only after the fact. Given my admiration for my clients and their unselfish lifetime of service at the state, national and international level, it was an honor to be given the responsibility for such a project. They are the kind of clients one can only wish for, and it is the type of project I hope they only need 100 years from now. The tomb is made of granite, slate and bronze and although it will be around for hundreds of years or more, we can only hope it endures the memory of the many good deeds done by the individuals it one day will memorialize.

In addition to the excellent craftsmanship of the granite and slate the tomb gets much of its character from the excellent letter carving by Nick Benson. The winged bench unites the two ledgers while providing a place of reflection and contemplation.

Granite Fabricator: Charlie Charles
Slate Ledgers: Nicholas Benson
Bronze Medallions: American Bronze