Billygoat Cafe with UM Students

Mobile Coffee Kiosk

This Fall 2014 design/build project was for a student owned and operated café for the school of Architecture at the University of Miami.  Compact and mobile, the project went beyond the dispensing of coffee to become an inspirational object.  Its construction of Western Red Cedar with complex detailing also allows the building to be a pedagogical object for architecture students who can see its exposed joinery and learn about wood construction.   As a studio about collaborative learning, the project offers students hands-on knowledge, to help understand dimensional tolerances, levels of construction finish and durability. As an open-air, tropical structure during the day, it is a fun place to work and at night when closed and not operating it functions as a lantern contributing to the ambiance of the oak covered courtyard as a place of meeting and conversation.

Faculty: Professor Rocco Ceo, Billy E. Miller Design/Build Critic: Jim Adamson.

Students: Giuliano D’Arrigo, Stacy Griffith, Andrea Gonzales-Rebull, James Harris, Zhengrong Hu, Brenna Johnson, Victor Kroh, Taylor Lichteberger, Emma May, Lauren O’Halloran, Adam Jared Raiffe, Angelica Tavarez, Hiwot Tefera.